Inspiring Prayer Cards for All Occasions

Whatever kind of religion your are practicing, prayer is always a source of comfort and hope. We experience divine love by talking to God and telling him our sorrows and aspirations. When we feel down, we ask our friends and family to pray for us in the same way that we are also praying for them.

Did you know that you can now send beautiful prayer cards to your loved ones? Most of these cards are hand-crafted and inspired by different types of occasion. Here are a few choices:

1. Prayer Card for Healing. - Suffering from a terminal illness can be truly devastating especially if the patient is a child. Sending a prayer card can help the patient renew his faith and regain spiritual and physical health.

2. Prayer Card for Baptism. - Baptism is a joyful occasion not only to Christians but to other branches of faith as well. Baptismal prayer cards are intended for welcoming an infant or a new faithful to the church community.

3. Prayer Card for Alcoholics. - Alcoholism is a type of addiction that can be healed through medication, family support and lots of prayers. Show your love by staying with the patient all throughout the recovery process. A sweet prayer card will also help.

4. Prayer Card for Saints. - Catholics are known for asking intercessory prayers from saints. The two-millennia tradition of the church encourages faithfuls to intercede for one another including those who are already in heaven. If you have a Catholic friend or neighbor, gifting him with a saint prayer card will be appreciated.

5. Prayer Card for Employment. - Losing a job can destroy a person's self-confidence not to mention financial status. Employment prayer card is meant to give more encouragement and hope.

6. Prayer Card for Marriage. - Married life is a vocation that requires a lot of patience and constant hard work. Praying for couples who are going through marital difficulties is not only a gesture of kindness but a charitable act as well. Maybe you know someone who is considering to settle down soon. This type of card is also a great gift idea.

7. Prayer Card for Exams. - Students who will be taking their final exams and those who will take a licensure test need encouragement from their loved ones. A simple way to show your support is to let them know that you are including them in your prayers. Click here for more info.

8. Prayer Card for Traveling. - There are many reasons why our loved ones need to travel to another city or country. Sometimes they need to work and other times they need time for vacation. Prayer cards for travelers ask God to keep them healthy and safe during the entire trip.

9. Prayer Card for Pregnancy. - Whether your friend is praying to conceive or is already pregnant, these cards will serve as a sweet reminder that they are loved including their future child.

10. Prayer Card for Business. - A prayerful businessman is believed to be more successful than a superstitious business owner. Don't forget to send your business-minded friends a prayer card today.

There are prayer cards available for any occasion. Get one for yourself or for your beloved friend now.