How Construction Testing Affects a Building Project

Construction testing is an integral part of creating a well-built structure. Building materials are tested and inspected in addition to rigorous construction site geotechnical investigations and soil borings. Each of these tests reveals the steps needed to construct the project as designed.  It allows for the adjustments as needed to adhere to strict quality assurance standards and construction requirements.

When construction testing is incorporated the transition between idea and construction becomes seamless. All these elements are brought together to create a project that smoothly transitions from one phase to the other. In the beginning, the project starts with civil engineering design and then progresses to geotechnical engineering and then to construction inspection.

The entire scope of the testing crew's efforts includes examining construction materials, conducting quality assurance evaluations and surveying the property. Every material used in construction is inspected from concrete compression to non-shrink grout, masonry prisms, moisture density, plasticity index to high strength bolts, etc.  In addition, surveying identifies your land's boundary lines, the zoning classification and all access, ingress and egress on your property. Click this link for more information.

When all these details are made clear to you, it is possible for your construction decisions to be precise. Your building will be erected with little disruption.  The final result is a well-built structure with a genuine potential for longevity.