Why You Should Upgrade to Highspeed Internet

Speed is relative. What we used to think of as super fast bit rates in the days of dial-up are now absolutely pedestrian. DSL plans that provide single-digit speeds are barely adequate for the consumption of rich media. More and more people are switching over to cable because of its promise of highspeed Internet.

The new technology can deliver data packets around ten times faster than using phone lines. In some cases, the increase is a hundredfold. This may seem like overkill but not if you and your family are heavy consumers online users. Applications will continue to demand greater bandwidth and you need to have a subscription that can keep up.

Home Entertainment

One of the primary reasons why people are taking the jump is to take advantages of online streaming services for various media. High quality audio streams are now available in a number of platforms providing listeners with countless playlists filled with their favorite songs and excellent new discoveries. Full HD videos of classic films and recent blockbusters can be viewed at home for a fraction of the cost of a movie ticket. Get even more bang for your buck by making it a family event or invite friends over to watch with you. You always have the best seats in the house in this setup.

Online Gaming

Another segment that loves the boost is the gamer population. Online gaming is on the rise not just for the hardcore enthusiasts but also the casual fans. It can be quite irritating to be playing a game and suddenly having things slow down or stop just because the connection is too slow. Broadband makes this problem go away by providing more than enough bandwidth for any game. The performance will not take a hit even if there is more than one device connected playing another online game or streaming an HD video.

File Downloads

Slow downloads are always frustrating. When you need to install an application, you want to acquire the installer package immediately. When you get a sudden urge to watch a movie, you want to be able to purchase a copy and play it right there and then. Having to wait for hours kills your productivity. Your enthusiasm also fizzles out with time. What's more, a poor connection can sometimes lead to failed downloads which require you to start all over again. Getting a high-end broadband subscription will cut the waiting time from hours to minutes. Grab some drinks and come back with all your downloads finished. Contact us for more info.

Cloud Applications

Uploads will see a vast improvement as well. This is crucial if you like working with cloud applications as you will often need to send files to the cloud as often as you download them. For instance, you might wish to have your files backed up in a remote server so that you never have to worry no matter what happens to your primary computer. This also allows you to access whatever you need from any location around the world even if you don't have your laptop with you.