A Short Guide to Understanding Foundation Repair Equipment

Damage to the foundation of a home or commercial building usually means disaster for property owners. It is next to impossible to resell or even rent a building or home with foundation damage. In the past, buildings with damaged foundations were considered unsalvageable and were usually completely demolished. With new advances in engineering and the creation of foundation repair equipment, buildings with cracked or damaged foundations can now be repaired.

Foundation repair techniques and equipment

Underpinning: mass pour- This form of foundation repair uses excavation equipment such as directional drills, excavators, or trenchers to dig beneath the footing in predetermined locations, then pour in concrete to increase the foundations depth.

Underpinning: screw piles and brackets - If using the mass pour method is not feasible, then a foundation may be able to be repaired by installing screw piles and brackets. Screw piles and brackets can be installed with a small crew and a minimum amount of equipment such as a mini excavator and concrete drill. Visit our website.

Perma Jack- This type of foundation repair uses high-strength steel beams, which are driven into the ground to the bedrock, to add support and stabilization to a foundation.