Affordability of Post Frame Buildings

Post frame buildings are engineered wood-frame building systems that must meet the standards of UBC and IBC.  The characteristics of post-frame buildings include large, laminated columns or solid sawn posts as opposed to wood studs, concrete masonry or steel framing.  Loads are transferred to the ground or the surface is mounted to a masonry foundation or concrete pier.  The buildings may utilize plastic barrier systems to provide superior protection for wood and concrete piers or posts.

There are a number of reasons a post-frame building or pole barn would be chosen ahead of kinds of structures.  Affordability is one of the primary reasons. Click here for more details.

Pole barn construction is fast and efficient and therefore, the cost of labor is lower when compared to other construction types.  This is particularly true if a continuous concrete foundation is unnecessary.  Furthermore, wood is pretty much always less costly than steel, concrete blocks and bricks.  If you opt for steel roofing and siding, this will make the process even more affordable.  Buildings can be quickly dressed in steel panels, resulting in more savings.